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Chapter 1:  Surgery 

A while back, I was sitting in a hot tub at the place I work out with three other guys.  I took account absently as I sat in the bubbles of their stories.  One shorter guy was at the beach, saw his grandchild fall face down in the surf, rushed over, stepped on a slippery rock, fell and broke his back.   READ MORE

Chapter 2: Retirement

While I have in no way been a carpe diem sort of person, I have lived pretty much from one day to the next.  I mean it was all I could do to get from one day to the next, so I didn’t think ahead very much.  READ MORE

Chapter 3: Withdrawal

I have been withdrawing from something or other off and on for years.  I started taking Prozac, at the suggestion of my therapist back in 1993.  After a while, that seemed to wear out.  I switched to Paxil.  That worked for a while… READ MORE